$300 worth of Free Offers for Readers of The Character-Based Leader

Several authors of The Character-Based Leader have generously donated their favorite leadership-building tools so that YOU can lead from who you are, regardless of your position in life.

Receive these FREE Special Offers from the authors valued at over $300!

  1. 30 Days to More Influence at Work training program – $97.00
  2. Create Your Personal Code of Ethics personal program – $97.00
  3. Avoid the 3 Biggest Team De-Motivators audio training – $47.00
  4. Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business & Leadership eBook – $7.99
  5. Occupy Life One Step At A Time weekly personal growth program – $60.00

Offer #1 – 30 Days to More Influence at Work – Jennifer V. Miller

Value $97.00!
30 Days to More Influence at Work: A 4 week e-course delivered by Jennifer V. Miller, Career Strategist and Professional Opportunity Cultivator – helping you leverage your professional opportunities for career success.

Jennifer provides step-by-step instructions for building your professional credibility so you can be an influential voice at work, accomplish more with your projects, and set yourself up for career success!
Click here to sign up for 30 Days to More Influence at Work!
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Offer #2 – Creating your Personal Code of Ethics by Susan Mazza

Value – $97.00!
Creating Your Personal Code of Ethics is a 4 week e-course delivered by Susan Mazza, Business Coach, Speaker, and Author of the Random Acts of Leadership blog.

This course will guide you through the process of clarifying and choosing the essential foundation for your leadership: your core values and principles. Having a simple and clear personal code of ethics is a valuable tool in both communicating what you stand for to others and helps you to stay true to yourself in a world that often requires us to make decisions in the face of complexity and paradox.
Click here to sign up for Creating Your Personal Code of Ethics!
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Offer #3 – Avoid the 3 Biggest Team De-Motivators by Christina Haxton

Value – $47.00!
How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Team De-Motivators is an Audio Training Podcast offered by Christina Haxton, MA LMFT Leadership Speaker, Author & Consultant, Sustainable Leadership, Inc.

Attention Supervisors, Managers & Leaders: How do you keep people on board in the face of change? Motivate the unmotivated? Keep your team engaged in the face of distraction?

Your team (and maybe even you) can get distracted by office conflict, boredom, or maybe their own personal challenges … perhaps when YOU need them to be focused and motivated the most.

Discover what I’ve learned and shown to thousands of successful leaders like you to increase the odds for your team, your project’s and your own success:

  • 3 words to never use when it comes to getting people going (and why we do this automatically when we are under stress)
  • Why emotions, yours and theirs are contagious and how to interrupt the downward spiral
  • How effective leaders keep and maintain engagement when distraction is high
  • What really motivates people to be creative (and it’s not money)
  • 3 Tips to get yourself going, even if you are bored to tears
  • And more!

Click here for access to the audio: “How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Team De-Motivators”
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Offer #4 – The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business & Leadership by Lisa Petrilli

Value – $7.99

“The Introvert’s Guide to Success In Business & Leadership” eBook by Lisa Petrilli, Leadership Consultant, CEO of C-Level Strategies, Inc., Chief Operating and Marketing Officer for the To Be A Woman Global Platform, Chief Relationship Officer for CEO Connection and Harvard Business Review Blogger.

Being an introvert is truly an advantage in business and leadership if you know how to leverage it!

Having used her introversion to her advantage, Lisa Petrilli went from new college graduate to holding responsibility for a $750 million business in just 10 short years. This eBook tells you how she did it and reveals very specific, actionable steps introverts can take to be abundantly successful in business, leadership and life. Importantly, the steps recommended are designed to be fully comfortable for introverts who get their energy from their “inner world” of ideas, and who are often uncomfortable with aspects of the “outer world” of business and leadership.

Send Lisa an email to receive your free PDF copy.
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Offer #5 – Occupy Life One Step At A Time by Georgia Feiste

Value – $60!

Occupy Life One Step At A Time is a weekly personal growth program delivered to your inbox by Georgia Feiste, Leadership and Personal Growth Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and author of the Collaborative Transitions Blog.

Brings small steps that, when practiced on a routine basis, increase your sense of security and worth. Resilience will become part of who you are. Peacefulness becomes the watchword of the day.

Sign up here: Occupy Life: One Step At A Time
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